A man once came to see the Lubavitcher Rebbe to thank him for having dispatched a Chabad emissary to bring the joy of Judaism and the spirit of caring to a “little Jew in a wayward community.”  The Rebbe responded: “There is no such thing as a ‘little Jew’ or a ‘wayward community.’ In the scope of G‑d’s master-plan, the fate of a single soul holds the same cosmic and monumental significance as that of the entire world.” This outlook – so essential to Judaism, in general, and Chabad, in particular – is indeed the guiding principle behind the ongoing outreach, educational and social service programs of Chabad of St. George.

Chabad is committed to the themes on which the Chabad movement is based: a love for G‑d, a love for Torah, and a love for the Jewish people.

Chabad welcomes every Jew into an inviting and non-judgmental environment in which to experience our heritage. Through Torah learning classes, Holiday programs, weekly Shabbat meals, and more, the people of Southern Utah will be constantly enriched with the beauty of Judaism.

Chabad brings a warmth and Joy to Judaism.

This is accomplished by: 

  • Strengthening Judaism within the community by encouraging the performance of individual acts of goodness and mitzvot.

  • Providing emotional, spiritual and material support to all, whenever possible, unconditionally. 

  • Highlighting the goodness and spirituality that exists within each and every person, without exception.

  • Nurturing the thirst for a deeper knowledge of, and desire to experience genuine spirituality for those who wish to explore this within Judaism.

  • Creating a non-judgemental environment where Jews of all ages and backgrounds feel comfortable, accepted, and “at home” regardless of their level of observance or level of commitment, aiming to treat each person with equal respect and love.