Tashlich & Shofar in the Park


Join us for our annual Shofar in the Park celebration and Tashlich tradition! Jews of all afilliations, backgrounds, and ages are welcome to do the special Mitzvah of hearing the Shofar.  Stop by and enjoy the Shofar Blowing and a delicious piece of honey cake by the Skyline Pond. We look forward to seeing you there and hope you join as we crown G‑d as King for the new year! 

Tashlich comes from the Hebrew word meaning "to cast," referring to the intent to cast away our sins via this meaningful and ancient Jewish custom. Special verses are recited next to a body of water, such as a sea, river, stream, lake or pond, preferably one that has fish. The goal of Tashlich is to cast both our sins and the Heavenly prosecutor into the Heavenly sea. And when we shake our clothes after the Tashlich prayer, this is a tangible act to achieve the spiritual goal of shaking sins from our soul. 

Free-of-charge with a suggested donation of $18. 

Wishing you and your family a Shanah Tovah sweet new year!

Rabbi Mendy & Chaya Cohen


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Sunday, September 17 at 1:00 p.m. 

Shofar in the Park & Tashlich

Location: Skyline Pond - 625 Red Hills Pkwy. (Turn into Waterworks Dr. off of Red Hill Pkwy. and then follow the road which will take you all the way to the pond on the right side. 37.113383, -113.569189)