Mazal Tov!

Are you recently engaged and looking for a Rabbi to officiate your wedding? Are you looking for a Rabbi with whom you can build an enduring relationship? You have come to the right place.

First of all, Mazal Tov on this wonderful Simcha. Choosing a Rabbi to officiate at your wedding ceremony is one of the most meaningful parts of the wedding process, as we hope it marks the beginning of a very special relationship you will share for many years to come.

Rabbi Cohen will help guide you on your journey of love and companionship with your betrothed.

You will meet in the months prior to your wedding to discuss questions about the wedding ceremony and determine areas of strength and similarity for each couple. With the counseling of our Rabbi, a wedding couple will develop a heightened awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, so that they can address any potential obstacles and use them to strengthen their relationship.

In addition, our Rabbi will guide you through the traditions and rituals for your wedding ceremony and make it the most meaningful experience for you and your families.

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