Israel Emergency Relief Fund

  • Israel Emergency Relief Fund

  • Raising $1,000,000 for the soldiers and victims.

    Local goal: $50,000

  • Simchat Torah, the morning when Jews were to dance with the Torah and celebrate joyously, air raid sirens blared turning it into the bloodiest day in recent Israeli history.

    With over 1,000 murdered, thousands more wounded, and entire families taken captive in Gaza, the people of Israel need our help.

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    Chabad of Israel had launched a war room to coordinate all efforts across Israel. Currently, over 10,000 Chabad rabbis and rebbetzins and volunteers are spending nights and days, doing all they can for the people of Israel. Key priorities include:

    • Bereaved Families: With so many victims, families often feel alone. Every family is visited by Chabad personnel, to be there for them in their darkest moments.
    • Hostages: In towns and cities across Israel, Chabad representatives provide support, food, and whatever families of hostages and missing persons may need.
    • The Injured: In every hospital, dedicated Chabad Houses provide for the spiritual and emotional needs of those injured. This will continue throough the long road to recovery.
    • The IDF: Chabad teams visit IDF bases on the frontlines and in the heartland, bringing hot meals, hygiene products, mitzvah opportunities, and cheer to support our brave troops.
    • The South: In Sderot, Ofakim, Ashkelon and other towns in Israel’s south which have been hard bit by the infiltrators and continued missile barrages, Chabad teams are reaching out to residents, dispensing welfare checks, mental counseling, material and spiritual support for all, especially the homebound.

    And they need your help!

    All donations go directly to Chabad of Israel's central "war room," which is coordinating the efforts and providing the support and funds to make it all possible.

    Your contribution will make a real difference!

    UPDATE 10/19/2023

    We are davening, learning Torah, doing mitzvos, performing chesed.

    And we are stepping up to Provide Support on Every Front.

    Since launching a massive United Front effort to assist those affected by this unprecedented crisis physically, emotionally, and spiritually, Chabad Israel has been working around the clock, comforting, providing food, supplies, tefillin, accommodations, tzitzis… the list goes on.

    Chabad Israel is supporting the devastated families of terror victims and of hostages.

    They are assisting the injured and wounded and their families in overwhelmed hospitals..

    They are encouraging and inspiring our chayalim as they fight for our Nation.

    They are aiding the communities of Southern Israel who are locked indoors, helpless, and under attack.

    They are providing a place for refugees to rest their weary bodies and souls.

    7 food trucks, 6,840 food boxes, 3,780 food cards, 3,480 games for children, 300 beds.

    1 million people donned tefillin,300 pairs of tefillin distributed, 54,000 pairs of tzitzis, 140,000 Neshek candles, 2950 mezuzos, 3,100 Chitas.

    Over 250,000 soldiers visited, 4000 wounded cared for, 470 Shiva calls 140,000 residents visited and inspired. 

    189 shluchim, 9,740 volunteers, 89 cities, 27 hospitals, 300 bases. 

    $1.2m has been spent to Provide Support for Every front.

    Many millions more are needed to continue providing. 

    Our fellow Jews need food. They need medical care. They need encouragement. They need housing. They need comforting. 

    Join the campaign. DONATE GENEROUSLY.

    With a United Front, we will offer help and healing. With a United Front, we will bring solace and comfort. With a United Front, we will merit Hashem’s help and victory. 

    Chabad National Relief Team

    Update 10/25/2023

    They Are on the Run, Their Future Uncertain, Their Present Tenuous. They Need Our Help!

    Imagine being told that you must leave your home. Through no fault of your own, out of the blue, no idea when and if you can return, and no idea what the future holds.

    For more than 200,000 Jews in Israel - and the number continues to grow - this nightmare is their reality. The ongoing terror activities in both Northern and Southern Israel have forced residents of areas under attack to relocate. The government is doing what it can to provide accommodation for these hundreds of thousands of exiled Jews, but the sheer number of displaced Israelis is overwhelming, not to mention the needs for food, basic necessities, and encouragement during this very challenging time.

    Enter Chabad Israel, Providing Assistance on Every Front. Chabad Israel has stepped in and stepped up, providing food for these refugees. 64,000 Shabbos bags were distributed this past week. A hotel with 100 beds was rented out for those in need of a place to stay, at the cost of $10,000 a night. Huge shipping containers full of desperately-needed supplies are being sent from overseas, with a shipping cost of $18,000 per container. Meals are being catered for those with a place to stay but no food.

    And then there are the individual stories of those in desperate need whose plight tugs at our heartstrings. The family in Ashkelon with no bomb shelter in their building and cannot run to the nearest shelter because the father had a leg amputated. The family up North with members who are hard of hearing and cannot even hear the sirens that would alert them to flee for their lives. The Ukrainian Jews who fled to Israel to escape the terror of Russian airstrikes only to experience the trauma all over again.

    For these heart-wrenching situations and so many others, Chabad Israel is there, Providing Assistance on Every Front, to help our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisrael.

    But we cannot do it without your help. Please step in, please step up, and please partner in Chabad Israel’s life-saving work.

    Our fellow Jews need food. They need medical care. They need encouragement. They need housing. They need comforting.

    Join the campaign. DONATE GENEROUSLY.

    With a United Front, we will offer help and healing. With a United Front, we will bring solace and comfort. With a United Front, we will merit Hashem’s help and victory.


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