Frequently Asked Questions


   Q: Is there an Eiruv in St. George?

   A: No, unfornuately we do not yet have an Eiruv in the area. Click here to

   find hotels and Airbnb's within walking distance.



   Q: Can Chabad host me during my stay?

   A: There are many hotels and Airbnb's within walking distance to Chabad,

   however accommodations at the actual Chabad center is not available.



   Q: Is there a place we can stay within walking distance to Chabad?

   A: Yes. There are multiple hotels and Airbnb's within walking distance to

   Chabad. Click here to see the list.



   Q: Can I stay at a hotel with an electric key on Shabbos?

   A: You can speak with the front desk before Shabbos and they will be happy

   to assist you with opening your hotel room for you.




   Q: Is there a place to stay for large groups?

   A: Yes, please click here to view the list.




   Q: Do you have an RV park within walking distance to Chabad?

   A: Yes we do, please click here for more info.



   Q: What is the Hashgacha on the food for catering?

   A: All food is under the strict supervision of Harav Hashliach Rabbi Mendy Cohen of Chabad of

   Southern Utah.  All food is Glatt kosher, Chasidishe Shechita, Pas Yisroel,

   Bishul Yisroel, and Cholov Yisroel. You can order your food here.



   Q: Can Chabad cater kosher for large groups?

   A: We offer a full weekday menu and Shabbos takeout package and do

   provide catering for larger groups as well. Click here to inquire.



   Q: Is there a Kosher grocery store in Southern Utah?

   A: No. There are very small Kosher sections in the local Smith's and

   Albertsons. The closest proper Kosher grocery store is in Las Vegas.

   Our Chabad can provide hot fresh meals for every day and Shabbos with a

                                    3 day in advance RSVP notice. Click here for more info.


   Q: Do you have a daily or Shabbos Minyan aside from the summer?

   A: Yes. We will have a Minyan throughout Pesach and during the secular new

   years holiday season. In addition we have a monthly Minyan for Shabbos

   throughout the year comprised of locals. Please click here to inquire about

                                   other dates you are looking for a Minyan. 


                                Q: Is the Minyan guaranteed to have 10 men?

  A: We rely on visitors to have a daily and Shabbos Minyan during the summer.

   Based off of many inquires and past experience we expect to have a Minyan,

   but it's up to the visitors to show up and nothing in life is a 100% guarantee.

                                    Click here for Minyan times.


   Q: Can I borrow a Sefer Torah from Chabad?

   A: We do not offer a Sefer Torah to be borrowed, but all are welcome to join

   us for Minyanim at Chabad.