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The need for support in Israel is great. People have had their lives turned upside down since October 7, 2023 as the result of a terrorist attack.

War Summary, Day One Hundred and Three, written on January 16, 2024 (1)

  • 136 held captive in Gaza

  • 110 hostages freed

  • 11 hostage bodies rescued

  • 33 hostages confirmed murdered in Gaza

  • 1,300+ Israelis murdered

  • 190 fallen soldiers in the battle in Gaza

  • 5 fallen soldiers in Northern Israel

  • 2 fallen soldiers in Judea & Samaria

  • 8,000 injured

  • 12,900 rockets fired at Israel

  • 187,533 Israelis displaced from their homes

  • 1 Jewish nation united in prayer, charity, and good deeds. 

The entire country is experiencing ongoing traumatic stress, vacillating between feeling completely overwhelmed and afraid, to shutting down, being immobilized with fear.

The most important thing we can provide at this time is a resource to help with stabilization and regulation. Bi-Tapp (2) is a resource that is simple to use and can be easily distributed. 

We are appealing to your generosity to help provide Bi-Tapp kits to those most affected by the ongoing crisis, including: 

  • War victims

  • Hostage families

  • Soldiers and their families

  • First responders and their families

  • Schools

  • Mental health providers


What is Bi-Tapp?


Bi-Tapp, which consists of two tappers,  is patented technology designed for stress relief and nervous system regulation. Pair the tappers to the Bi-Tapp app on your mobile device. This allows you to customize the rate of speed and the intensity of the tapping. The tappers need to be placed on each side of your body, such as holding them in your hands, or placing them in your pockets or socks. Bilateral tapping helps slow down the release of stress hormones and helps restore a sense of calm. (3) Because the tappers do the tapping automatically for you, this hands-free, discreet tool is invaluable, especially for those in extreme distress or assisting others in need. (4)


Why Distressed People Need Bi-Tapp?


During times of moderate to high levels of distress or ongoing stress, the thinking part of the brain shuts down, making it challenging if not impossible to remember to implement even the most basic coping strategies to feel calmer, such as taking a deep breath. (5) People who are highly traumatized can vacillate between feeling panicked and highly agitated to experiencing silent terror. This means they present as dazed and unable to speak. (6) A wife and mother who tragically lost her husband stated, “I felt triggered and overwhelmed all the time, I took the tappers with me wherever I went. It took away that panicked feeling I was experiencing. I could not have taken in any new information on how to help myself or my young children feel calmer, the tappers did this for me.”


Providing a resource that does the work for you makes it the top resource to utilize in times of tragedy and crisis because you don’t have to do anything other than push a button to get the benefit of this resource. It is simple to operate and very effective. 


Dr. Gary Quinn, Founder of the EMDR Institute of Israel, developed two protocols as a result of terrorist attacks and wartime. The Emergency Response procedure (ERP) focuses on crisis stabilization. The Immediate Stabilization Procedure (ISP) evolved from ERP as a way for first responders to provide stabilization procedures to those they were helping. Both protocols include bilateral tapping to help those they are working with begin to feel calmer and safer. (7, 8, 9) The advantage of the tappers is that both the helpers and those they are helping receive the calming benefit of the bilateral tapping. (3)


Your Contribution Matters

By donating a Bi-Tapp kit, you're offering a lifeline to those struggling because of this unprecedented terrorist attack. Your donation will help a family have a resource that everyone can share, enable a school to support its students, or assist a first responder in staying grounded while aiding others. 

The tappers are also being used in mental health therapy sessions, both in person and telehealth sessions. A teletherapy platform based out of Israel already has the tappers integrated to their platform. This allows therapists to do outreach in Israel when it is not safe for the community member or professional to meet in person. During these teletherapy sessions, the therapist is able to control the tapping. (10)

Voices of Impact

After experiencing a horrific tragedy, Garrett states: “I would use the tappers during the day if I was triggered, frustrated or nervous. The tappers would help me calm down and focus. At night, I would use the tappers to help me fall asleep. I placed them in my socks. If I woke up, I would turn them back on to help me settle down so I could fall asleep again.”

After witnessing a tragedy, MaryAnn stated, “Following the event, I felt like I had the tappers with me, 24/7. I needed the tappers during the day to help me focus and concentrate at work. It was difficult because I couldn’t remember things. I couldn’t think clearly. Also, I used them at night to help calm myself down so I could go to sleep and stay asleep.”

Join Us

Your support will make a significant difference. Help us bring Bi-Tapp to those in need in Israel. Your donation is more than a gift, it is a lifeline.


Each Bi-Tapp kit costs $300 (this includes shipping costs) and is cheaper than the cost of 3 therapy sessions. This resource can be used thousands of times and can be shared with others.  We are raising $60,000 USD to send 200 kits to Israel.


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Together, we can bring healing and hope to those who need it most. 




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