"Dear Rabbi,
Thank you for the lovely gift bag.  It is so nice to have moved here and have the ability to have a Jewish connection. We wish you and Chaya a Gmar Chatima Tova and and easy fast. To the entire family a Shana Tova Umetuka."
"Thank you so much for the service yesterday, it was very meaningful for me. Your explanations were wonderful and it was a privilege to participate. I appreciated the mask, the distancing and the creative mechitza.
Large Virtual Hugs"


"Rabbi, its been great working with you to uplift the lives of our students and I've always been so grateful for your help. Best wishes and blessings!"
"It was a lovely event, always a joy. Great learning, tasty food, and so much hard work put in."
"Thank you so much, and thank you so much for thinking of me. You and Chaya are a blessing to me and this community. I am delighted that you are here, and knowing there is a large family I belong to right here in my backyard. Thank you!"


"Hope you are having the best Passover!! Thanks so much! Grateful for you and your families presence:)"
"Thank you so much for the best Purim party ever. The people, food, activities and warmth were all amazing. A special thank you to Chaya for her hospitality and grace.


"Just wanted you to know how very much we enjoyed your Seder. You did a wonderful job explaining the Passover story and bringing a sense of joy to all. The Jews of St. George are very lucky to have you and your lovely wife to lead them on their road of discovery of their Jewish heritage. We will definitely share with Rabbi Stiefel and Simi the great work you are accomplishing. May G-D give you years of good health for your entire family to continue bringing education and fun into the lives of your congregation."




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