What people are saying about Chabad

Chabad is very inviting. It's open to everybody. It doesn't matter what your social status is, what your financial status is, or what your background is. A Jew is a Jew. You've given us a beacon of light. Thank you!



You have no idea the power of supporting Chabad. The many little things that are done through this organization that are unacknowledged and are happening all the time, quietly. It's just real authentic kindness, being humans with big hearts. 



The best thing about Chabad is that they're not pushy, they're not trying to shove Judaism down your throat. It's a very welcoming environment. It makes you want to learn more is a way that stems from you. Chabad fosters your own desire to learn more. 



Our Inbox


"Dear Rabbi,
Thank you for the lovely gift bag.  It is so nice to have moved here and have the ability to have a Jewish connection. We wish you and Chaya a Gmar Chatima Tova and and easy fast. To the entire family a Shana Tova Umetuka."
- Norit


"Thank you so much for the service yesterday, it was very meaningful for me. Your explanations were wonderful and it was a privilege to participate. I appreciated the mask, the distancing and the creative mechitza.
Large Virtual Hugs"


"Rabbi, its been great working with you to uplift the lives of our students and I've always been so grateful for your help. Best wishes and blessings!"
- Madison
"It was a lovely event, always a joy. Great learning, tasty food, and so much hard work put in."
- Nadene
"Thank you so much, and thank you so much for thinking of me. You and Chaya are a blessing to me and this community. I am delighted that you are here, and knowing there is a large family I belong to right here in my backyard. Thank you!"


"Hope you are having the best Passover!! Thanks so much! Grateful for you and your families presence:)"
- Matt 
"Thank you so much for the best Purim party ever. The people, food, activities and warmth were all amazing. A special thank you to Chaya for her hospitality and grace.
- Amy


"Just wanted you to know how very much we enjoyed your Seder. You did a wonderful job explaining the Passover story and bringing a sense of joy to all. The Jews of St. George are very lucky to have you and your lovely wife to lead them on their road of discovery of their Jewish heritage. We will definitely share with Rabbi Stiefel and Simi the great work you are accomplishing. May G-D give you years of good health for your entire family to continue bringing education and fun into the lives of your congregation."


"We wanted to thank you and your wife for a wonderful time yesterday for Lag Ba'Omer. Wonderful Food,  seeing old friends and making new ones. A great time for all!" 

- Britt and Laura


"Hi Rabbi! Last nights class was so thought provoking! I really enjoyed it. Still unpacking it! G‑d willing I'll see you Sunday. Wishing you Chaya and your family a good Shabbos!"


"Just wanted to say thank you to you and Chaya for the joyful and meaningful services the past few days! And thank you for the delicious honey. We are so fortunate as a community to have you guys here!"

- Matt


"Chaya and Rabbi, I wanted to tell you that the High Holy Days have been wonderful and thank you so much for all of your work running everything. Thank you for all you do for the Jewish community here. Everything was great!!'

- Brooke


"I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first attended Rabbi Mendy’s Kaballah class. What I found was a great group of people who welcomed me and my family to learn with them and enjoy each other’s company. Rabbi Mendy does a great job of introducing the topic of the week and engaging everyone to participate in their own way. We’ve had some wonderful conversations about our relationship with G‑d and I’ve had the opportunity to learn varying perspectives from my fellow Kabbalah classmates. It has been a wonderful experience, and I hope everyone reading this takes the opportunity to come join us and experience it for themselves."

- Nichole L


"Beautiful cold morning with my Chabad family enjoying a great hike. What a blessing to be a part of a wonderful group in G‑ds country. Love living life elevated!"


"Dear Rabbi Mendy, 

I really enjoyed meeting and the conversation. I'm delighted you are leading the Chabad in St George. I will look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks. More discussions to come!"


"Dear Rabbi Mendy,

I always enjoy being on your list of the congregation. We loved the Rabbi's in training last year, and if you have any visitors like that, we'd love another visit. It really touched our hearts in so many ways. It brings my heritage back home to me. Wishing you a VERY HAPPY HANUKKAH!!!!!"

-Judith & the girls


"Dear Rabbi,

Just want to congratulate all those responsible for a most beautiful evening here in Utah last night. It gave me the opportunity to meet others and connect again with people I already met.  I loved talking to the students from NY too! You were terrific! Job well done!"



"Thank you for last nights conversation. I don't usually think about Purim from an anti-Semitic view and that was valuable. And I liked how you balanced the group's needs both for you to teach us and for us to be interactive."

- Evan

"Dear Rabbi & Chaya, 
Thank you so much for always thinking of me in your invitations to events and celebrations. The past two years have been quite the period of reflection. I do find myself spending time to myself and cherishing more and more the time I spend with my children. Please know that while I have been keeping to myself, it warms my heart that you and your lovely family have chosen this desert community as your home. Thank you again for always reaching out with invitations to include me. And my best to you and your growing family. Happy Passover to you all!"

- Sara

"Dear Rabbi Mendy and Chaya,
Imagine my surprise when I heard a knock on the door and met Leibel and Aharon. Thank you for thinking of us and the Shmurah Matzot for our Pesach Seder...it will indeed be a special one. Have a Zizun and Kosher Pesach!"

- Linda


"Dear Rabbi Mendy, 

Thank you so much for the Shmurah Matzah! I'm so excited to have for our Seders! We were so surprised to see it at our front door yesterday! We're sorry we missed you! We'll make sure to be home next time. Have a Good Shabbos!"

- Tracy


"Hey Rabbi Mendy,

It was really awesome getting to know you and Chaya these past few years.  Your friendship and Jewish inspiration was really a blessing.  It kept us going, and it's no doubt a lifeline for all Jews living here or just passing through.  I know the community will keep thriving and growing with you guys holding down the fort!

Thank you for all you do!"

- Matt 


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