Because no one should be alone or forgotten.

 Hospital Visitation

Rabbi Cohen visits Jewish patients at the local hospital, whether affiliated or not, to cheer them up, recite a prayer, get the Hebrew name for a "Mi-Sheberach" prayer to be recited in the synagogue, and offer any other assistance that might be needed.

Prison Visitation 

Chabad, at the direction of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, provides crucial, emotional and spiritual assistance to many shattered families – helping them persevere through extraordinary crises – while providing support for their loved ones in prison. 

At Chabad we are able to be there to support, advocate, and fight for the prisoner’s rights.

We provide vital family support. We reach out to the inmates to help ease their isolation. At Chabad, we literally save lives on a steady basis.

 Senior Visitation

Many of us have parents or family who are seniors, living alone or in senior facilities, that would greatly benefit from an extra visit from someone who isn’t family. Family can not always visit as often as desired, and not always is there someone else to supplement those visits.

Chabad makes regular visits to local nursing homes and senior living facilities to bring the joy of Judaism and provide a life-line of hope to our elderly friends.


If you know of anyone that would benefit from any of the above mentioned visits, please reach out to us by clicking  here