Eating Kosher food enables us to identify with our Jewishness on a very basic and fundamental level. As long as our Jewish involvement is limited to prayer, study, or even specific ritual acts, it is spiritual, above our normal day to day reality. When you eat differently because you are Jewish your commitment is not only metaphysical, but part and parcel of your very being.

The observance of Kashrut consists of eating only Kosher foods both at home and away from home. It also entails not eating dairy and meat foods together and maintaining separate dishes, cutlery, and utensils for meat and dairy.

 Kitchen Koshering

Read about a Kosher Kitchen 

If you are interested in making your kitchen Kosher, we would be happy to help you! Please click here to contact us.

Kosher Food Order

We get orders of Kosher food from Smith's in Las Vegas on Rampart Ave as well as from Western Kosher Los Angeles. Please click here if you would like to order Kosher food with us.

Kosher Takeout

Chabad offers a Kosher takeout service for our visitors. If you would like to place an order from us, please click here for the weekday takeout menu and click here for the Shabbat takeout menu.