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The Freedom to Be YOU!

"Breaking Free from the Confusion of Egypt to the Clarity of Purpose."


Pesach is drawing near so come learn about the spiritual depth behind this foundational Jewish holiday. Join us on Thursday March 29th @6:30 PM for an in depth learning about the personal relevance that this holiday has for every single person. Discover the recipe for freedom in the story of the Exodus. Hint: The road starts and finishes right in none other than . . . YOU.

Pizza & Kaballah

Join Rabbi Mendy Cohen and your community members in an inclusive Kaballah class. This class is for everyone regardless of religious affiliation. Kaballah, pronounced Ka-ba-llah, is a sacred Jewish text that helps us understand ourselves and our connection to G‑d. Kaballah class entails a topic of the week, such as, are we innately good or bad and does free will truly exist, as well as the opportunity for open and welcome questions and dialogue….and delicious homemade pizza!


The Case for Mezuzah

In jet-black ink on parchment, a scribe copies the fundamental text of Jewish faith: the Shema. The scroll is tightly rolled and fitted into a decorative cylinder case, then affixed to every doorpost in a Jewish home. Is the mezuzah an archaic totem? A superstitious artifact? Let’s unfurl the mezuzah’s meaning and purpose.

Thursday February 2nd @6:30 PM


Thursday March 16th @6:30 PM

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The Pursuit of Happiness

In the mysterious elixir of a charmed and perfect life, happiness is the most sought-after ingredient. What insight does Judaism offer into the search for happiness? Why is happiness so integral to success, why is it elevated as a religious virtue, and how do we secure it?

Thursday March 22nd  @6:30 PM 


Thursday April 20th @6:30 PM

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The Land & the Spirit

The Land of Milk and Honey has its way of bringing sane adult minds to a boil. That small stretch of land is at the center of universal debate. But through classical Jewish texts we uncover the spirit pulsating within the Holy Land and our timeless bond with it. You can taste the milk and honey again.

Thursday April 27th @6:30 PM 


Thursday May 4th @6:30 PM

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Heaven & Hell

Every soul eventually enters the heavenly perfumed world of the Garden of Eden. But there is a process of preparation. Wind through the Jewish map of the afterlife in this lesson on life, consequences, and reward.

Thursday May 11th @6:30 PM 


Thursday May 18th @6:30 PM

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Arise Again

The Prophets promise us a second serving of life in the messianic era. Explore Judaism’s appreciation of the body and this material world, to understand the significance of the resurrection of the dead.



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