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Pizza & Kaballah

Join Rabbi Mendy Cohen and your community members in an inclusive Kaballah class. This class is for everyone regardless of religious affiliation. Kaballah, pronounced Ka-ba-llah, is a sacred Jewish text that helps us understand ourselves and our connection to G‑d. Kaballah class entails a topic of the week, such as, are we innately good or bad and does free will truly exist, as well as the opportunity for open and welcome questions and dialogue….and delicious homemade pizza!


Some Topics Include:

Freedom To Choose

A buffet of every conceivable action is laid before you in this life. What is the meaning of free choice, how do we reconcile it with our natural tendencies, and why is it G‑d’s greatest gift to mankind?

Jewish Numerology

The perfect culinary creation hinges on both precise measurement and creative exploration. The numeric values of the Hebrew alef-bet can reveal a fascinating world in Jewish thought, but must be used with wisdom and caution. Enjoy this overview of the purpose and methodology of gematria.

Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

Bitter and complex, this tart offering is for those who brave life’s toughest questions.


In G‑d We Trust 

We all know worrying doesn’t help, but does it also hurt? Turns out it does. In exploring the definitions of faith and trust in G‑d, we find a profound and empowering message of how to improve our lives with positive thought.

Thursday October 27th @6:30 PM


Thursday November 3rd @6:30 PM


The Joy of Purpose

We have all felt our patience wear thin while the line to whatever only seems to lengthen. Do our sages have pertinent advice for our contemporary battle with the banality of life’s thousand annoyances and stresses? Of course they do.

Thursday November 10th @6:30 PM


Thursday December 1st @6:30 PM


G‑d's Custodians- The Highest Form of Giving

Judaism places a strong emphasis on charity: everything comes from G‑d, so use what you have as He would want. But why doesn’t G‑d just give each person their appropriate share of wealth, rather than creating a world where some people are wealthy and others are in need?

Thursday December 8th @6:30 PM


Thursday December 15th @6:30 PM


The Top Ten Percent

Our labor produces income that we use to sustain, experience, and enjoy our time on earth. But do we truly own these things? If G‑d enables us to create, what do we owe Him? The commandment of "maaser" "tithing" is a fundamental idea in Jewish life. This class addresses our relationship with the things we call our own, and asks us to think deeply about G‑d's allocation of physical resources.

Thursday December 29th @6:30 PM


Thursday January 5th @6:30 PM


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